12 Timeless Iconic Fashionable Pieces Every Women Needs.

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Fashion Styles always  keep changing constantly, fashion is ephemeral. Art is eternal. we have to alter it every six months!

Fashion plays a major role in all the social lives of a consumer. Fashion has its own notable concerns that prevent it from being purely an art. Fashion is a three- dimensional design form that subsumes of many elements i.e. Ruffles, Fringes, Pockets, Collars, Knots and many such essentials to make outfit alive.

Here, discover the 12 fashion trends that will make you stand the test of time.

1.An off shoulder collared top –

An off shoulder collared top online


There's something mature and luxurious about this collared top. Which has beautiful one side collar and allured with a pocket, just a little too much to be referred to as tastefully unalloyed? There's a reason why the classic striped shirt has been worn by every great personalities. It has been creatively arranged in an even manner, Perfect for monsoons!  


  1. An asymmetric collared top –

Buy Tops Online in India- Asymmetric Collared Top


Save for the day, a perfect top for a party tonight and must have top. Vibe this season with an unique color combination of an one sided aslant collar top.


  1. An asymmetric zipper jacket

 Buy Jacket Online

 A jacket with no hose giving all multi - tasking vibes which is a perfect jacket for the people who love to experiment with looks. Let's grab it only for Rs1199/-


  1. Blazer styled cut out overlay dress-

 Buy Dress Online


An oblong collared overlapped dress which has asymmetric silhouette and Blazer styled outfit. Perfect for any party. This blazered dress is flawless outfit for a date night.  Need to handle with care and hand wash. Check latest our overlay dress.


  1. Detachable tie suspender shirt styled dress –

Buy Stylish Dress


This season let's get so notorious rekindling friendship with outsider wearing this exclusive range of beautiful piece from La- Ropas,this  A collared cute dress magnified with an unique effects altogether, which is styled as dress giving shirt and dungree effect adding suspender for cool look.


  1. Overlay stitched flowy kurta

 Buy Designer  Kurta Online


Discover an unique silted flowy overlapped kurta adding keyhole for enhancing it's look, a must have outfit for any party or event and also to be a center of attraction among an audiences.

  1. Slited jacket – 

 Slit Full Sleeve Jacket

Grab this dual color jacket, basically styled as long collar and slit on the sleeves covering only upper portion of hand. Show  perfect formal for any events to rock among your colleagues.


  1. Strapy dress –

 Buy Designer Dress Online

Sink into the world of straps presenting this strapy dress from La- Ropas, an trendy outfit. Let's get young again wearing this buy beautiful strapy dress online. A well- crafted strapped dress perfect for a spring. Also, straps are a nice and classic way to pull yourself together for music festivals and summer parties.


  1. Women's asymmetric layers Lycra Top

 Layered Lycra Top Online


To play safe & decent, combine a neutral, like flax and something sutle, like peach. Pair it with cool denim shorts and contrast sneakers to stand out among a crowd. Outfit is made from light weight Lycra Top which can be easily worn off. This top is an asymmetric top which has a double ruffled neckline and bow knot at the side. It’s redefine the beauty for yourself.

  1. Women's asymmetric flare and straight kurta

Asymmetrical Flare and Straight Kurta Online

It is said that "The right tweak can turn a staple into a statement" . Try and buy flare - straight kurta in satin. One can experiment it with contrast jeans or leggings, then add flats heels to complete the look for the day.


  1. Back styled top

 Back Styled Top- Shop Online


A perfect color combination dress for black and white lover. The top is allured with beautiful rod embellishments  on neckline. Pair it with shorts and sneakers for perfect outfit for wearing to concerts, cottaging, beach parties and other casual hangs with friends this monsoon. Check out this back styled top online.


  1. Bodycon dress

 Body Con Black Top Online



A deep curved v-neck dress with beautiful wine glass embroidery patch, perfect for a wine lover. It can be awesome  birthday surprise for any dear ones. Explore our online collection of bodycon dress .


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